Medical Products

All of our products are tested for conformity to the latest EU standards. CE certification is required by our process before we include a new product in our portfolio. Our main product categories at the moment include: CSR Wraps, Protective Apparels, Protective Ebola Suit, Rapid Tests, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Packs, Syringes and Needles.

Surgical Gowns

SMMMS Standard Surgical Gown, SMS Disposable Gown, SMMMS Poly-Reinforced Surgical Gown, SMMMS Fabric-Reinforced Surgical Gown, High Performance Standard Surgical Gown, High Performance Reinforced Surgical Gown, Spunlace Standard Surgical Gown and Spunlace Reinforced Surgical Gown.

Surgical Drapes

General Drapes: Utility Drape, Fenestration Drape, Split Drape, Split Drape with Hook-loop Line Holders, Universal Drape, Universal Drape with Reinforced, Universal Drape with Hook-loop Line Holders, Ophthalmic Drape Type I/Type II/Type III. Special Drapes: T.U.R Drape, Cystoscopy Drape Type I/Type II, Angiography drape Type I/Type II/Type III, Craniotomy Drape, Spinal Drape, Neurological Drape, Obstetrical Drape, Cesarean Drape Type I/Type II, Orthopedic U Drape, Hand & Foot Drape, Extremity Drape, Shoulder Drape, Arthroscopy Drape Type I/Type II. Other Components: Back Table Cover, Mayo Stand Cover, Tube Cover, Banded Bag, Baby Blanket, Hand Towel, Op-Tape, Legging, Fluid Collection Pouch, Elastic Stockinette, Incise Pouch.

Surgical Packs

General Surgery Packs, Urology & Gynecology Packs, Cardiology Packs, Neurosurgery Packs, Orthopedics Packs, Arthroscopy Packs, Hip Packs, Ophthalmology Packs, Full Lap Kit.

Protective Apparels

AAMI Approved Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Headwears, Footwears, Medical face mask Type I/Type II/Type IIR, other Apparels.

CSR Wraps

Sterilization SMS Wraps

Protective Ebola Suit

Ebola Survival kits BASIC, Ebola Survival kits Advanced, Ebola Survival kits TOP.

Rapid Tests

Infectious Diseases Test Kits, Drugs of Abuse Test Kits, Cardiac Markers Test Kits, Fertility Hormones Test Kits, Tumor Markers Test Kits and Antibodies and Antigens.

Syringes & Needles

Disposable Sterile Injection Needles, Disposable Infusion Set, Disposable Syringe with Needles, BPA FREE Oral Syringe/Dispenser/DEHP FREE, other Syringe Components.